The Joy of Food & Our Blog

We are beyond excited to launch this new project with all of you! While typical blogs outline stories and experiences behind growing the business from the back end, we will instead be using this platform to serve you and hopefully inspire your story on the front end.

If you've read "the project" section, you've gotten the idea behind what drives our souls in all of this - giving well. We believe in giving well in this life so the fullness of the next life may be glimpsed and desired. However, there is one other facet that we must include, and in turn give back, in order to complete the full vision of who we are - food. Yes, we are lovers of food.

Much of this business was conceived over countless meals, cups of coffee, and even a bottle of wine...or two. Without including food in our story, we would be leaving out a vital piece of ourselves. Our personal community of support has encouraged us to share this otherwise out-of-place facet with our partners - you. Because after all, we do sell pieces that accompany meals quite nicely.

So here we go! Check back often under our F&F FOOD tab to see recipes posted to the blog and the creative ways we incorporate food into our everyday lives. You never know what meal may inspire you!

>>F&F Team<<